To the Latrobe Valley Community,

We are putting the call out for photos and video to help tell the story of the Hazelwood Coal Mine Fire of 2014 – what you saw and how this impacted upon you, your family and your community.

By submitting content you can help shape the story – while also sharing your experience with a wider audience.

Submissions can be completely anonymous. However if you feel comfortable, you can also put your name to your submission. We will then be delighted to credit you on our film and website.




We know our internet here in Australia isn’t great, but we would really appreciate if you could send us your content in the highest possible resolution – this will really make a difference. For example, when you upload images and videos to Facebook they will be heavily compressed. So if you have the original version of the file, that would be greatly appreciated. Our Dropbox doesn’t have any size restrictions when uploading files, so we can accept high quality and uncompressed file sizes.

By submitting your content you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • You give Peter Yacono (DIR. OUR POWER) permission to make use the content submitted and all materials within the content, for the production (“OUR POWER“), including promotional purposes.
  • You give Peter Yacono the right to use your name and information (if provided) for the production, including promotional purposes.
  • As this project makes absolutely no profit, individuals who submit content will be unable to be remunerated.
  • All content submitted to the production will remain your copyrighted material and if provided the information, you will be credited in the film and on our website.

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For all other questions and queries, please contact [email protected]