OUR POWER explores the socio-economic and environmental issues facing the Latrobe Valley (Victoria, Australia) community today and their transition to a ‘post-coal’ world.

OUR POWER aims to shine the light on the Latrobe Valley (Victoria, Australia) community and their 90+ year history of providing power to Victoria and beyond. The film explores the transition of the power industry as it was privatised in the late 1990s and the devastating Hazelwood mine fire of 2014.

At a time where coal is seemingly the only option for the Latrobe Valley, the community is forced to unite and fight for a sustainable future.

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The Latrobe Valley is the power generation hub of Victoria (Australia) and hosts three brown coal mines – Yallourn, Hazelwood and Loy Yang – that together have been providing up to 70% – 80% of the state’s power since the 1920s.

For the first time, this raw and unfiltered documentary traces the footsteps of the Latrobe Valley’s history; starting from the coal community’s birth in the 20s, to the establishment of the State Electricity Commission Victoria (SECV), the privatisation of the industry in the 1990s and the devastating socio-economic impact this had on the community.

Two decades into the privatisation of the power industry, the Hazelwood brown coal mine caught fire and burnt uncontrollably for 45 days. Located just 150m from the mine, the community were forced to survive through toxic ash and carbon monoxide which blanketed their homes. With PM2.5 levels higher than the average Chinese city for numerous days, locals suffered appalling health outcomes.

At a time where coal is seemingly the only option for the community’s future, the Latrobe Valley have been sparked into action and are taking charge of their health and future.

The community in the Latrobe Valley are living proof that with correct amount of determination, motivation and hurt, people can inspire change and achieve remarkable things within their communities.