To produce one comprehensive and truthful video that portrays not only the struggles, but also how a community can transition to a greener, healthier and safer standard of living.


The people of the Latrobe have very important things to say to the rest of Victoria. This will not be diluted in the documentary. We promise that this production will stay as raw and as true as the story and the community in the Latrobe Valley.  


We do not represent any company, organisation or groups except our individual selves. As an impartial independent crew we will report facts as they unfold with honesty. Being an independent means that we can turn our attention to the problems that need the most attention; Right now, it is the Latrobe Valley. To us, there is nothing more important than climate change, equality across all sectors and a balanced society.


As a production crew we are very concerned and almost distraught about the situation in the valley. Being able to help them get their message out to the rest of Victoria is the least we can do to help them. It is also truly awe-inspiring how strong and close-knit this community is. Their story is inspiring, empowering, and motivating.  




  • We believe in the power of the people to influence a positive change for their local community.
  • We believe in communities empowering themselves to take control of their future.
  • We support independent bodies, groups and individuals.
  • We believe people are stronger in numbers; The “bottom-up” principle.
  • We believe we owe thanks to the power industry for providing stable, reliable power to all homes in Victoria.
  • We see the changes that need to be made in all aspects of our lives (economical, political, social, environmental and societal) to ensure that future generations will have a just, clean and sustainable future.
  • We believe in the power of sustainable energy sources to provide base-load power to all Victorians, keeping in mind that renewable energy sources should not produce unsustainable waste.
  • We believe in respecting the diversity of people’s experiences and perspectives when discussing political, social, economical and environmental issues.
  • We believe governments and authorities need to be transparent in their communication to publics to ensure accuracy, authenticity and credibility.
  • We believe government and authorities need to be held accountable if respected regulations are not followed, especially with regards to the human and social impact.


  • We believe a planned, proactive and  just transition needs to occur to move Victoria (AU) towards a more sustainable future.
  • We believe the change to shift Victoria towards a more sustainable future needs to begin in the power production hub of the state, the Latrobe Valley.
  • We believe that the long-term well being of the Latrobe Valley community should be central in the planning of more sustainable modes of power production, as they have served the state for over 90 years
  • We support the Latrobe Valley community, as well as any other community facing similar issues, in imagining a future beyond brown coal mining and combustion.
  • We believe that the serious health risks posed to the residents of the Latrobe Valley and other similar communities are caused by living close coal mines.
  • We believe that the Latrobe Valley (VIC, AU) can be a model town for all other communities (local or international) who face similar political, economical, environmental and social issues.