OUR POWER is a Melbourne-made documentary about the Latrobe Valley community as they bear the brunt of the privatisation of Victoria’s electricity in the 1990s and deal with the devastating Hazelwood mine fire of 2014. It is an emotional and intense roller-coaster that exposes the tragic impacts of the 45-day fire, the fundamental issues facing the community today, and their transition to a ‘post-coal’ world.

The Latrobe Valley is Victoria’s powerhouse and hosts three brown coal mines which together provide up to 80% of the state’s power everyday.

This raw and unfiltered documentary traces the footsteps of the Latrobe Valley’s history; starting from the coal community’s birth in the 20s, to the establishment of the State Electricity Commission Victoria (SECV) and the eventual privatisation of the industry in the 1990s.

At a time where coal is seemingly the only option for the community, the Latrobe Valley have been sparked into action and are taking charge of their health and future. The film takes its audience through an emotional and intense roller-coaster as it exposes the fundamental issues facing the community today.

OUR POWER wishes to connect all Victorians with the source of where their electricity comes from and the human cost of generating this power.

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The Hazelwood mine fire of February 2014 played a significant role in awakening much of the local community in the valley. After receiving conflicting information from different government bodies about the health and social impacts of the pollution in the area, they decided to take matters into their hands.

Latrobe Valley residents were badly let down by the political and economic systems in the region, and are yearning to get truthful and honest answers to questions that no one seems to want to answer. From this, the Voices of the Valley were formed. They are proof that with correct amount of determination, motivation and hurt, people can inspire change and achieve remarkable things.