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Combining two of his biggest passions, producing and fighting injustices, Peter has a keen eye and a strong sense for finding worthwhile stories.

With his distinctive and thought-provoking productions, Peter is known for always inspiring his viewers.

Having completed seven years of study in the fields of media & communications and information systems & management, Peter has an intricate knowledge on production techniques, technologies, and audio production.


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After completing her undergraduate degree in professional communication (public relations) and her honours in relationship management, Anissha has had extensive experience in external and internal communication management.

Having developed and implemented target-audience-orientated communications strategies for start-ups, she has a comprehensive knowledge of all communications platforms and their respective audiences.

Anissha has also successfully handled the PR and sponsorship needs for the ReelGood Film Festival 2014 and 2015.


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With solid roots in sound engineering, Adam has successfully transferred his skills into the world of cinematography. An essential part of the team, Adam is an expert in all aspects of camera operation and editing. He never fails to deliver high quality, stunning visuals.

The creative director of his own business, “Picture Machine”, Adam is now pushing steadfast and strong into the world of narrative storytelling and documentary.

Adam has worked in the film and television industry in a wide variety of roles including, editing and motion graphics.


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A cinematography extraordinaire, Cam is an exceptional addition to our team. His knowledge of the Latrobe Valley and its issues further enhances his ability to cast a unique view in the beautiful footage that he captures for the documentary.

Cam brings with him an intricate understanding of both the technical and creative fields of film, always working to ensure that the two are seamlessly bound on screen.

He has also worked with notable members of film industry, having had experience in music videos, live shows, fiction and non-fiction cinema.


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AJ Churchill is a Brazilian-American composer of film, television, and concert works. He has been commissioned to score several films, documentaries, advertisements, concert music and a museum exhibit.

With a strong history of mentors and experience, AJ has studied with film composers Howard Davidson, Enrica Sciandrone and Lewis Nielson.

AJ is a recent master’s graduate of the Royal College of Music in London and is graciously scoring our film from across the globe.



This production simply could not have progressed without the kind participation of the following people. Thank you all so much for your help, advice and bravery.

The following list is listed alphabetically.

Andrew Laird, Surf Coast Air Action
Bill Brown, Retired SEC Worker
Charlie Wood, 350.org
Chris Ryan (Prof.), Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab
Craig Gittos, Latrobe Valley Resident
Dan Musil, The Earthworker Cooperative
David Hollis, Latrobe Valley Resident
Deborah Hollis, Latrobe Valley Resident
Doug Steeley, Latrobe Valley Firefighter
Harmut Veit, Visual Artist (VCA)
Harry Jennens, Healthy Futures
Ian Southall, Eco-Hub Gippsland
Isabella Morland, 350.org
Jacinta Morahan, Surf Coast Air Action
James Clark, 350.org
James Gordon, Geospatial Analyst

Kate Lardner, Healthy Futures
Kiery-Anne Clissold, Latrobe Valley Resident
Luís Mota, Violinist
Luke Van Der Muelen, Latrobe Valley Resident
Murray Devine, Adviser
Nicholas Aberle (Dr.), Environment Victoria
Paul Zala, Composer
Puck Murphy, Post Production
Ramona Tilley, Graphic Design
Ron Ipsen, Voices of the Valley
Sandi Keane, Jouralist
Tara Dean, Artist & Playwright
Tom Doig, Author
Tracie Lund, Morwell Neighbourhood House
Tracey Anton, Community Over Mining
Wendy Farmer & Family, Voices of the Valley